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From purchasing the property to selling the last lot,  Guy Anthony DeAngelo is your subdivision design and development expert.

Whether you are dividing hundreds of lots for a new housing development, or selling a small parcel of your land to a neighbor, you will need a land survey to subdivide your property. You can count on us for reliable subdivision services, including design service, computerized drafting, and consulting services for residential subdivisions!


For over 50 years, Guy Anthony DeAngelo has been working with landowners and property development experts to help you to develop the relationships with local agencies that are needed to help you get the project approved. No matter what the size and scope of your project, we'll provide our comprehensive surveying services from beginning to end, until your last lot is sold.


It doesn't matter if you are subdividing small or large parcels of land. When you contact us for outstanding surveying services for your subdivision, you can count on the fact that our owners will be working in the field to guarantee your surveying services are accurate and complete.

  • Major subdivisions to create a multi lot development

  • Commercial or industrial subdivisions for large lot development

  • Minor subdivisions to create just a few lots

  • Administrative subdivisions

  • Agricultural subdivisions

We provide a variety of subdivision services

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We offer extensive property subdivision services for individual parcels and large lots.

Residential area surveying

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